Frequently Asked Questions

Can Commercial Realty Group, LLC, help me determine how much to sell or lease my property for?

Yes, Commercial Realty Group, LLC, will help each Seller or Landlord to achieve the best marketable price for each subject property. To determine a fair market price to sell or lease each property, Commercial Realty Group, LLC, studies the current market and prepares a comparative market analysis of similar commercial properties that have recently sold that are similar to your current property. We also look at the income approach, if applicable, the sales comparison approach, and the replacement approach to determine the value.

Can Commercial Realty Group, LLC help me with properties listed by other real estate brokers on selling/leasing listings?

We are continuously working with other licensed real estate agents. We deal with other agents on selling and leasing on a daily basis. We can assist any person with a property that is currently listed, even if it is by another real estate company. Typically, the commission is part of the transaction and is paid by the Seller in the event of a sale or Landlord in the event of a lease.

Can Commercial Realty Group, LLC help me with a property in any location in Nebraska?

Yes. We are licensed for the entire state of Nebraska.

How does Buyer/Tenant Representation benefit me?

By choosing Commercial Realty Group, LLC to represent you, our agents will negotiate exclusively on your behalf. We will show you all properties available that fit your needs and help you compare the properties with an unbiased opinion.

How long shall a typical real estate listing be on the market?

The average sale or lease listing lasts six to twelve months from the original listing date. The length of time does vary depending on the current market conditions.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 Exchange is a tax-free method of selling one property and buying another similar property with the same equities and held for use in a trade or business or as an investment.

What are ‘Triple Net' (NNN) charges?

Triple Nets, or NNN, are additional costs added on to the base rent. Triple nets are the annual operating expenses of the property leased which include real estate taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance. A tenant's portion of the triple nets are determined by the amount of square feet occupied.

What is Crexi?

Crexi is a national online website commonly used by real estate agents to list properties that are currently available for sale or lease. We at Commercial Realty Group, LLC, also use the website to search for properties that our clients wish to purchase or lease, along with marketing our current listings to other agents.

Is an investment in commercial real estate better than an investment in residential real estate?

Commercial real estate typically offers a higher return to the investor than residential real estate. In commercial real estate, the tenant generally signs at least a three year, but typically a five year lease term decreasing tenant turnover, and in residential, leases are a one year lease term.